neckerchiefs & bows

Happy Saturday everyone!

I feel so MIA lately, and I’m sorry guys but I have just been feeling a little discouraged this past week. My life is just so routinely busy every single day, from working 12 hour days to coming home and choosing whether I want to cook, clean, write, do homework, or just go to bed. I also feel pressure to keep up with this blog, pressure to be on top of social media, to grow my followers, to keep up with the people that follow me so I can show love back to them, and so much more. I started this because I love fashion, and I love to write, and the least thing I want is to feel pressured to do what I love because I feel like I have to keep up with so many things, or post more often than I do… read more about finding a balance in my blog post (here). I’d love to hear what you do to find or keep you daily life balance and what tips have helped you create it.


Now back to fashion! The neckerchief trend is one of my favorite trends recently, and whether it’s for fall, summer or winter, you can wear it any season. Plus, it is not even close to fall here in Florida yet! This is one of my favorite shoots, my sister really out did it with these photos, and thank God I have her! The neckerchief really put the missing piece on my outfit, it just makes your look so trendy & this is the same bandana I was wearing on my head from my last blog post. It really is a neckerchief though but the best part about it, is you can wear it both ways, and that is was only $2!! Now let me tell you about the cutest shoes, EVER! Thanks to my little tiny feet, I can usually fit into kid sizes, and this was one of those times. I got these babies for under $20 at Burlington, yes yes yes, under 20$! Such a steal! I fell in love immediately once I saw them, and size 4 kids, thank Jesus for my tiny feet! They’re so stylish for any outfit, and the big bow on top is another trend I’ve seen lately. Shoes like this have been on my shopping list and I found the perfect ones for a great deal. I have also paired basically the exact same shoe for under $20 as well from ASOS. Shop my look below lovelies! My jeans are currently up to 70%, and my top is under $10. Get to shopping!




Top: Ribbed Knit Off the Shoulder Top| Jeans: Petite Mid Rise Frayed Jeans| Shoes: Park Lane Oversized Bow Trainers| Neckerchief: Paisley Print Bandana| Hat: Floppy Wool Hat| Sunglasses: Tortoise Heavy Brow Cat Eyes| Cross body: Grey Street Mindy


Love you my readers! Till next time.




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