finding a work/life/school/blogger balance

“The brutal truth? There is no such thing as balance. All the things we juggle collide in a thing called “life” and life is messy. Absolutely and beautifully messy. EMBRACE IT.”


…My life is just so routinely busy every single day, from working 12 hour days to coming home and choosing whether I want to cook, clean, write, do homework, or just go to bed. I also feel pressure to keep up with this blog, pressure to be on top of social media, to grow my followers, to keep up with the people that follow me so I can show love back to them, and so much more. I started this because I love fashion, and I love to write, and the least thing I want is to feel pressured to do what I love because I feel like I have to keep up with so many things, or post more often than I do…

My Balance Wheel

Looking at this balance wheel, I think most of it is surviving, but they aren’t thriving, and I don’t feel like they shouldn’t just be “surviving”.


All these factors are so important in our lives, and when you don’t have the time to dedicate to each one individually it makes things a little harder and stressful. We should all work to thrive in all areas, of course things can’t always be 100% perfect but finding the correct amount of time for them I think is really important. So how? How do we find time to thrive in our relationships, work, in the things we love to to? Lately I just don’t find the time for anything, or at least I feel like I don’t. Between work, school, and trying to be a successful blogger, things can get really stressful. I’m always thinking about how I haven’t posted in days, or that I’m taking too long to post when I have 3 different outfits that I have already had a shoot for, and I still haven’t found the time to write. Getting home from work like I said above, involves me getting even more overwhelmed because I start to think of all the things I need to do and I just can’t do them all in the time I wish I could.

Just Breathe & Pace Yourself

& well honestly, the best advice I have for myself and for my readers that may experience the same situation, is just, BREATHE. It works… sometimes, at the very least it will make you feel better. We just have to think to ourselves that we’re only 1 person. Just 1. We have so many goals and things we look forward to but we just have to take a minute to breathe and remind ourselves it is okay to not get everything done, or to be behind. As long as you get there, that’s what matters. Make a list of the things you need to do and when. Set a deadline. Pace yourself.

Keep your Values and Beliefs

One really important thing to remember is to remind yourself why you’re doing this! We write, we take pictures, and we blog because we love it. Sometimes the stress of comparing others bloggers to yourself or other blogs to yours can be enough to make you second guess yourself. Although we all do it, we really need to focus on what’s most important, what we believe in. What we stand for, and what we value most are important to remember throughout your blogging journey. Remember why you’re here, and the message you want to send out to your readers. & stick to it!

Trust your Journey & Understand What Really Matters

Believing in yourself and knowing who stands by your side is essential through our journey. At first I had a lot of people laugh when I told them I wanted to start a fashion blog, or make fun of it in general, and people still laugh at me, and ask me idiotic questions like “You know about fashion right? I have some suits I wanna show you.” (in a sarcastic way) and then laugh.. and it’s hard not to pay attention to all the nonsense that come out of people’s mouths, but you just to take a deep breath in and walk away. Trust your journey and think about the future and the possibilities that you have created for yourself just by starting your own blog. That takes a lot, and I give every single blogger out there the credit they deserve for taking the step to create something where there was once nothing. I said it in my A little or a lot about me section, I have created something where there was once nothing, and that is all that matters to me. I have opened new doors for myself, new opportunities, and all for something I love. Something, most people don’t have the courage to do. So when you feel less inspired or not inspired at all, think back to what you have created, and think of your journey. Nothing is always perfect, but doing what you love should be inspiring enough.


My readers, please feel free to give me any advice you have, I really want to hear what you guys think and any ideas on how to find a better balance in the life of a blogger!

Thank you guys so much for reading!
Love you all!





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