Happy Saturday babes! 

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I’m back! It’s been quite a long break from blogging and social media but I think I’m finally ready to get back into my routine. The most important thing I’ve learned is that doing what you love should not come with stress, you should enjoy it and make the best of it.

Can you believe this shoot was in November of last year?! I’m so happy to finally be writing about Wynwood and how much fun it was to explore. It was truly breathtaking to be able to see such unique art throughout so many streets in Miami. You really learn a lot by taking all this in.

I absolutely loved my outfit, so chic! This overall dress over a white tee and some cute heels was perfect for exploring the town. Of course, my Beau Bag from Kate Spade couldn’t miss this either! These brown heeled sandals really accent the black and white, making this color block a classic. Unfortunately the Beau Bag is no longer on Kate Spade’s site, but I’ve linked a great dupe below.





Denim Overall|Crop Tee|Frye Leather Sandals|Olive Drive Lottie


pretty in pink

pretty in pink
Happy Wednesday my lovely readers!

Today on Savvy Ways to Fashion I’m showing you this versatile chic look. One of the many style tips I’ve learned is to make every outfit one you can wear many different ways. It doesn’t matter if you wear the same top or shoes, the point is to be able to pair the same looks and make them look completely different. That’s the beauty of fashion. For this shoot, I got to spend some time with my best friend in downtown Orlando and she truly captured some amazing shots! I decided to pair these black jeans with a pink blouse from Kate Spade which is one of the faves. It’s so pretty and fresh to wear on any given day in Florida. I was excited to wear these block heeled mules because I love them so much! & I’m sure y’all will love them too when I tell you they are $30 plus an extra 40% off right now at Express. Anything I wear them with looks good and they are quite comfortable, but of course after walking all of downtown Orlando, my feet did hurt as would anyone’s! Lucky me, I always try to bring along a pair of  comfortable shoes I can change into if I just can’t take the heels anymore. My metallic mules were the perfect ones to bring along, so stylish yet comfortable, I was surely walking downtown in these.





This denim jacket from Diesel is truly a rocker chic dream! I love love love it. Every girl should own a statement jacket like this. So many opportunities, so many looks. Pairing it with this outfit made it the casual chic look I was trying to achieve.





Top: Nordstrom / Forever 21

Denim JacketDiesel / BLANKNYC

Jeans: HollisterNordstrom

Shoes: Express / Nordstrom

Thank you guys so much for reading!




crushing on velvet

crushing on velvet

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

Who else is crushing on the velvet trend as much as I am?

As you can see, you can never have too much velvet! I paired this super trendy cardigan with some strappy velvet block heels which both happen to be from Express and of the same material and exact color. Score! Perfect to mix and match different looks, my heels are so comfortable, & I’ve always loved a good block heel, plus they are now on sale for under $32. I also love anything strappy, it really elevates a simple looks without having to do too much. It’s finally starting to feel like fall in Florida, thank God! So lets get to layering! This top gives you the layered look without actually doing it, and in Florida that comes in handy. Though since it started to get cooler this weekend I threw on the cardigan as well for a third layer. This outfit can take you to brunch, a lunch date, & changing into some darker non ripped jeans can take you to dinner in seconds! I’m all for creating easy looks that I can triple wear and mix and match the same pieces while just wearing them in different ways. How easier can it get? With these jeans being cut off right above the ankle it does my shoes justice, showing more of the straps hugging my ankles. Details like this are what make or break your outfit, so keep it mind next time you’re creating your own!






Top: Velvet Peplum Cami / Open Shoulder Top| Jeans: Ripped Cut Offs| Cardigan: Crushed Velvet| Shoes: Strappy Velvet Heels


Hope this post made you love velvet as much as I do!
Photography: @_jazminator, my beautiful sister.


finding a work/life/school/blogger balance

finding a work/life/school/blogger balance

“The brutal truth? There is no such thing as balance. All the things we juggle collide in a thing called “life” and life is messy. Absolutely and beautifully messy. EMBRACE IT.”


…My life is just so routinely busy every single day, from working 12 hour days to coming home and choosing whether I want to cook, clean, write, do homework, or just go to bed. I also feel pressure to keep up with this blog, pressure to be on top of social media, to grow my followers, to keep up with the people that follow me so I can show love back to them, and so much more. I started this because I love fashion, and I love to write, and the least thing I want is to feel pressured to do what I love because I feel like I have to keep up with so many things, or post more often than I do…

My Balance Wheel

Looking at this balance wheel, I think most of it is surviving, but they aren’t thriving, and I don’t feel like they shouldn’t just be “surviving”.


All these factors are so important in our lives, and when you don’t have the time to dedicate to each one individually it makes things a little harder and stressful. We should all work to thrive in all areas, of course things can’t always be 100% perfect but finding the correct amount of time for them I think is really important. So how? How do we find time to thrive in our relationships, work, in the things we love to to? Lately I just don’t find the time for anything, or at least I feel like I don’t. Between work, school, and trying to be a successful blogger, things can get really stressful. I’m always thinking about how I haven’t posted in days, or that I’m taking too long to post when I have 3 different outfits that I have already had a shoot for, and I still haven’t found the time to write. Getting home from work like I said above, involves me getting even more overwhelmed because I start to think of all the things I need to do and I just can’t do them all in the time I wish I could.

Just Breathe & Pace Yourself

& well honestly, the best advice I have for myself and for my readers that may experience the same situation, is just, BREATHE. It works… sometimes, at the very least it will make you feel better. We just have to think to ourselves that we’re only 1 person. Just 1. We have so many goals and things we look forward to but we just have to take a minute to breathe and remind ourselves it is okay to not get everything done, or to be behind. As long as you get there, that’s what matters. Make a list of the things you need to do and when. Set a deadline. Pace yourself.

Keep your Values and Beliefs

One really important thing to remember is to remind yourself why you’re doing this! We write, we take pictures, and we blog because we love it. Sometimes the stress of comparing others bloggers to yourself or other blogs to yours can be enough to make you second guess yourself. Although we all do it, we really need to focus on what’s most important, what we believe in. What we stand for, and what we value most are important to remember throughout your blogging journey. Remember why you’re here, and the message you want to send out to your readers. & stick to it!

Trust your Journey & Understand What Really Matters

Believing in yourself and knowing who stands by your side is essential through our journey. At first I had a lot of people laugh when I told them I wanted to start a fashion blog, or make fun of it in general, and people still laugh at me, and ask me idiotic questions like “You know about fashion right? I have some suits I wanna show you.” (in a sarcastic way) and then laugh.. and it’s hard not to pay attention to all the nonsense that come out of people’s mouths, but you just to take a deep breath in and walk away. Trust your journey and think about the future and the possibilities that you have created for yourself just by starting your own blog. That takes a lot, and I give every single blogger out there the credit they deserve for taking the step to create something where there was once nothing. I said it in my A little or a lot about me section, I have created something where there was once nothing, and that is all that matters to me. I have opened new doors for myself, new opportunities, and all for something I love. Something, most people don’t have the courage to do. So when you feel less inspired or not inspired at all, think back to what you have created, and think of your journey. Nothing is always perfect, but doing what you love should be inspiring enough.


My readers, please feel free to give me any advice you have, I really want to hear what you guys think and any ideas on how to find a better balance in the life of a blogger!

Thank you guys so much for reading!
Love you all!





neckerchiefs & bows

neckerchiefs & bows

Happy Saturday everyone!

I feel so MIA lately, and I’m sorry guys but I have just been feeling a little discouraged this past week. My life is just so routinely busy every single day, from working 12 hour days to coming home and choosing whether I want to cook, clean, write, do homework, or just go to bed. I also feel pressure to keep up with this blog, pressure to be on top of social media, to grow my followers, to keep up with the people that follow me so I can show love back to them, and so much more. I started this because I love fashion, and I love to write, and the least thing I want is to feel pressured to do what I love because I feel like I have to keep up with so many things, or post more often than I do… read more about finding a balance in my blog post (here). I’d love to hear what you do to find or keep you daily life balance and what tips have helped you create it.


Now back to fashion! The neckerchief trend is one of my favorite trends recently, and whether it’s for fall, summer or winter, you can wear it any season. Plus, it is not even close to fall here in Florida yet! This is one of my favorite shoots, my sister really out did it with these photos, and thank God I have her! The neckerchief really put the missing piece on my outfit, it just makes your look so trendy & this is the same bandana I was wearing on my head from my last blog post. It really is a neckerchief though but the best part about it, is you can wear it both ways, and that is was only $2!! Now let me tell you about the cutest shoes, EVER! Thanks to my little tiny feet, I can usually fit into kid sizes, and this was one of those times. I got these babies for under $20 at Burlington, yes yes yes, under 20$! Such a steal! I fell in love immediately once I saw them, and size 4 kids, thank Jesus for my tiny feet! They’re so stylish for any outfit, and the big bow on top is another trend I’ve seen lately. Shoes like this have been on my shopping list and I found the perfect ones for a great deal. I have also paired basically the exact same shoe for under $20 as well from ASOS. Shop my look below lovelies! My jeans are currently up to 70%, and my top is under $10. Get to shopping!




Top: Ribbed Knit Off the Shoulder Top| Jeans: Petite Mid Rise Frayed Jeans| Shoes: Park Lane Oversized Bow Trainers| Neckerchief: Paisley Print Bandana| Hat: Floppy Wool Hat| Sunglasses: Tortoise Heavy Brow Cat Eyes| Cross body: Grey Street Mindy


Love you my readers! Till next time.




feeling like a total diva

feeling like a total diva

Hello, hello my readers, TGIF!

Before I begin, I’m thinking this would have been a great 4th of July outfit but I hadn’t started my blog yet, so it’s happening now. Let me begin with that I was feeling like a total diva in this outfit, mainly due to the earrings, headband, and sunglasses. It’s amazing how accessories can either make or break your look but these definitely made mine! This look is by far one of my favorites, I felt so good in it and I love wearing bandanas in my hair, it just makes any look that much better. Who doesn’t love a cute bow or knot in their hair. My t-shirt I got for FREE from American Eagle, I love free goodies. It was a while ago, probably around the 4th of July, it was one of those spend $50 and get a free t-shirt sales stores do from time to time. I remember me and my sister put our shopping items together so that we could get the shirt. It is so soft and comfortable and I tied a little knot on the side and tucked it in so it wasn’t so long. My jeans are from Express of course, again, so comfortable and stylish, my favorite! They are currently on sale plus an extra 40% off!! You see why I love Express so much? This is the perfect street style outfit, which explains why I chose to shoot in the heart of downtown Tampa. I’ve had these earring for so long and just now wore them, I tend to buy things and while waiting for the perfect moment to wear them, I never wear them. I gotta stop doing that. But now that I have this corner of the web, I’m bringing out all the things I haven’t been able to wear. Back to the earrings, the flower detail is so cute, and they match my favorite sunglasses so nicely. My bandana I got for $2 people, $2 at Burlington, it’s unique because the back end of it is built like a necklace, meaning  it is a neckerchief too! I love finding such great deals like this, they leave me speechless. For this stroll downtown, I chose these low block heels because they are truly so comfortable for walking if you decide you want to wear heels. Not to mention they have been marked down even more, on sale now for only $24! Paired my flower embroidered Kate Spade purse cross-body to match my earrings too, and my absolute favorite Fossil watch ever! My fiancée gifted it to me in our first year of dating, and I think it’s so unique, and I’ve never ever seen it on anyone else. Keep scrolling to shop my look! I’ve paired great dupes due to my shirt being free, and some of my other pieces being no longer in stock, but they are still great looks for less, and super cute! I’d never point you in the wrong direction.

& I’d love to always hear feedback on the dupes I link, is it close enough to what’s in my outfit? Other questions I’d love to hear are,

  • What’s your favorite denim brand at the moment?
  • What makes you feel like a total diva?
  • What’s your stroll down the town look?






Top: Amour Tee| Jeans: Mid Rise Distressed| Shoes: Antonio Melani Lace Up Sandals| Cross-body: Grey Street Mindy / Braided Handle Crossbody| Earrings: Double Circle Drop / Round Glitter Drop| Sunglasses: Tortoise Cat Eye Sunglasses | Bandana: Topman Paisley Print
Happy Friday!


swimsuits paradise

swimsuits paradise


“I have too many bikinis, SAID NO ONE EVER!”

Living in Florida, we all know bikini season doesn’t end until late October and sometimes even through November, so I buy bikinis all year long and this year I have for sure out done it. Having a Jet Ski does not help with the excessive bikini shopping either, but I can’t help that I could not pass up one this cute. Today on the blog, I am sharing the cutest and girliest bikini I now own. My beautiful friend has recently started her own bikini shop on Instagram named Swimsuits Paradise, and well, it is paradise! She has the most adorable little girl, and she dedicates herself to taking care of her everyday while trying to promote her small business. These bikinis are so unique and there’s one for everyone’s personal style. Like this one I have purchased, has my name written all over it, it is so girly, just like me! I love love love the flower detail and it’s PINK, of course my favorite color. There’s more! It’s also reversible, a lot of the bikinis are, what more could you ask for? We all know, reversible bathing suits aren’t very common nowadays so the fact that Swimsuits Paradise offers a variety of some is definitely a deal breaker. Let alone, they are not pricey at all. They run from $20 US dollars each for the two pieces, plus shipping. The quality is just as good as any Victoria Secret bikinis that run for that price or higher for just one piece. I really want to help her build her business a little more, so I would love to send my readers her way. So go go go! Go ahead and take a peek at her Instagram page here  and DM her for any questions or with a screenshot of the bikini that you want! She will send you the link to checkout through her personal PayPal account and she will mail it straight to your doorstep.

The packaging,

The packaging is so simple and cute, looks like a little bundle of happiness!

 My sunnies are from Fossil and these are the probably the only sunglasses I have ever truly splurged on, & I love them. They’re under $100 and save 25% off when you sign up for their emails! They are actually men’s sunglasses but I liked them better than the women’s. My hat says “uh huh honey” super cute from Pacsun, I got it a while ago, but I was able to find one of a different color at Brandy Melville’s brand website. Brenda Melville is sold at Pacsun for those of you who are not familiar with the brand, but they also have their own web page.



Hat: Uh Huh Honey|Sunglasses: Fossil Polarized Jamison
Thank you so much for your support and for reading!


Disclaimer: The mentioning of Swimsuits Paradise, products or services in this post are all my own opinions. No affiliation has been made, therefore all of the earnings go fully to Swimsuits Paradise.