Good evening my readers, it’s Sunday but not so much a fun day! 

“Nothing in nature lives for itself. Rivers don’t drink their own water. Trees don’t eat their own fruit. The sun doesn’t shine for itself. A flower’s fragrance is not for itself. Living for each other is the rule of nature.”

As we prepare for hurricane Irma which is planning on hitting the place I call home, Tampa Bay, tonight, it is for sure a scary sight. All these days leading up to this have been filled of craziness anywhere you went. From trying to find gas, watching the news and the damage it’s already done, to finding water at the last very minute, I have never seen anything like this. Last time I remember a hurricane this bad was hurricane Katrina. I was only in 5th grade as I looked out my window and saw our tree being torn down by its roots. But this time it feels different, this time I had to actually secure my own home, find water, find gas, buy perishable foods, and more. Back then, little did I know whether my parents were running around for gas or water, but if they were I understand what it is like now, the responsibility. Even though it is about to be a catastrophic event we should use this time to appreciate our families which I’m sure many of us are staying with, to spend time with them we probably haven’t spent in a while. Especially with with the electricity expected to be out for most days, appreciate it! We all know family reunions look more and more like cellphone reunions nowadays, everyone on their phone instead of actually spending quality time. So embrace mother nature because her path cannot be changed, she will finish her mission and won’t stop until she is done. So bring out the board games and playing cards and appreciate this time you have with your loved ones and genuinely take care of each other, provide each other with the comfort each one needs, and most importantly pray together because we have to accept the things we cannot change. We’re all safe at my parent’s home, together. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tampa has been my home now for 4 years, and it is special to me because I actually explored and learned my way around this city on my own. Tampa’s history is what I love the most and it’s not going to be easy to see any of it be a victim to this hurricane, we could wish for it go away but that would be a miracle. I just hope everyone in Florida found a safe place to stay during this event, we can’t forget to stick together, it’s all we’ve got. Stay safe everyone!