swimsuits paradise

swimsuits paradise


“I have too many bikinis, SAID NO ONE EVER!”

Living in Florida, we all know bikini season doesn’t end until late October and sometimes even through November, so I buy bikinis all year long and this year I have for sure out done it. Having a Jet Ski does not help with the excessive bikini shopping either, but I can’t help that I could not pass up one this cute. Today on the blog, I am sharing the cutest and girliest bikini I now own. My beautiful friend has recently started her own bikini shop on Instagram named Swimsuits Paradise, and well, it is paradise! She has the most adorable little girl, and she dedicates herself to taking care of her everyday while trying to promote her small business. These bikinis are so unique and there’s one for everyone’s personal style. Like this one I have purchased, has my name written all over it, it is so girly, just like me! I love love love the flower detail and it’s PINK, of course my favorite color. There’s more! It’s also reversible, a lot of the bikinis are, what more could you ask for? We all know, reversible bathing suits aren’t very common nowadays so the fact that Swimsuits Paradise offers a variety of some is definitely a deal breaker. Let alone, they are not pricey at all. They run from $20 US dollars each for the two pieces, plus shipping. The quality is just as good as any Victoria Secret bikinis that run for that price or higher for just one piece. I really want to help her build her business a little more, so I would love to send my readers her way. So go go go! Go ahead and take a peek at her Instagram page here  and DM her for any questions or with a screenshot of the bikini that you want! She will send you the link to checkout through her personal PayPal account and she will mail it straight to your doorstep.

The packaging,

The packaging is so simple and cute, looks like a little bundle of happiness!

 My sunnies are from Fossil and these are the probably the only sunglasses I have ever truly splurged on, & I love them. They’re under $100 and save 25% off when you sign up for their emails! They are actually men’s sunglasses but I liked them better than the women’s. My hat says “uh huh honey” super cute from Pacsun, I got it a while ago, but I was able to find one of a different color at Brandy Melville’s brand website. Brenda Melville is sold at Pacsun for those of you who are not familiar with the brand, but they also have their own web page.



Hat: Uh Huh Honey|Sunglasses: Fossil Polarized Jamison
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